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Rewards & Incentives


Students at Belvedere are recognized for their positive behavior through praise and the distribution of the following rewards systems:

"Caught Being Good" Certificates

Caught Being Good Cert

Reinforcing positive behavior can be a stronger support for students than enforcing negative consequences when a child breaks the rules. 

Students who are "caught" being safe, respectful, or responsible will earn a certificate by school personnel. Each week, students who earn their certificates can enter a random drawing for prizes. Encourage your child to be practice safety, respect, and responsibility!

Bear Bucks

TLC Ticket

Bear Bucks is system that focuses on recognizing and rewarding classes that follow school rules and exhibit safety, responsibility, and respect. If a class shows that they are safe, responsible, or respectful, another teacher will give the class a Bear Buck. Bear Bucks are collected to earn large prizes including pizza parties, class movies and popcorn, and other incentives!


Student Of The Month Logo

Each month, students are nominated for Student of the Month by their teachers for exhibiting positive character traits such as responsibility and respect. Belvedere strives to support positive behavior through positive reinforcement. Encourage your child to complete classwork and homework, model appropriate behavior, and be a leader!